Hello, I am Jonathan Weigel, custom cabinet maker and owner of
    West River Cabinetry.  In 1994, after finishing my college studies,  I  
    sought out a job as an apprentice in a small cabinet shop.   Since
    that time I have worked in small and large custom cabinet shops and
    have worked as a lead carpenter for a kitchen and bath remodeling
    firm.   I have also worked on renovations as a sub-contractor.   My
    experience has shown me that there is an abundance of low to
    average quality cabinetry on the market but few resources where
    customers can go to find truly well-built cabinetry that is custom
    made for their needs.  

    West River Cabinetry provides an alternative to shopping at the big
    home centers and chain stores.  Here you will deal directly with me,
    the one building your project.  Your cabinetry will be built to
    withstand years of use, custom made for your particular space and
    needs, with professional finishes and details.  You won't be limited
    to offerings picked from a catalogue and you won't be working with
    a salesperson who has never built or installed a cabinet before.  

    If you are interested in working with me on your next project, please
    contact me to discuss your situation.
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