This is a remodeled basement bar.  The original
bar was in bad shape but matched some existing
built in cabinets in another area of the basement.
Those cabinets were in good condition so the client
didn't want the bar area to be completely replaced.  
The solution was to keep the glass doors and
replace the doors and drawers below.  The counter
was replaced but the front wood trim was unique
and therefore removed from the old, refinished, and
incorporated into the new counter.  The original
color was also unique and the new had to be
custom matched so that everything would blend
together.  The old angled ceiling was removed and
replaced with a new crown molding detail and
above cabinet lighting
The existing sink area shown above
and below  was dated, old, and
non-functional.  The old built-ins were
replaced with new cabinets and
counter tops shown at left.  The new
layout included space for a dishwasher
and microwave.
crown detail
When the old built-ins, pictured above, were removed,
the front angled wall of the sink area was left intact and
the new cabinetry and counters were incorporated into
the remaining structure.  The picture at left shows the
finished product with the old and new together. The
unique wood  molding on the top counter was salvaged
from the original and reused.