West River Cabinetry offers an array of services to meet your
particular needs from building your cabinets to designing
your space and completing the entire renovation.

A renovation involving cabinetry needs to start with a design.  The design is the
road map to where you want to go and the more time and effort spent in this
stage the more likely you will be happy with the final results of your project.

After a design is determined, we can build your project.

Even the best cabinets won't look good or function properly without a quality
installation.  And if you've already purchased your cabinets from another source
but are in need of a quality installer,
contact us to discuss your situation.

If you have newer cabinets and are not looking for an entire renovation, one
option you may have is to retrofit your cabinets with some modern
conveniences such as pullout shelves, pullout trash and recycling bins, spice
racks or soft closing door mechanisms.

Service calls
If you are having a problem with your existing cabinetry such as misaligned
doors and drawers, worn hinges or a broken drawer box, we can fix it with an
on-site repair.   
Contact us to discuss your problem and set up a service time.
Custom Cabinetry and renovation